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Super Santa Sac 'Vintage Toys'
Super Santa Sac 'Vintage Toys'Super Santa Sac 'Vintage Toys'Super Santa Sac 'Vintage Toys'Super Santa Sac 'Vintage Toys'

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Super Santa Sac 'Vintage Toys'

Gotta have this giant Santa sac for the kids!

Made from red heavy duty cotton drill with retro 'Vintage Toys' fabric detail and zig zag trim, these will look great under the tree, at the fireplace or just decorating the lounge room. Similar size to a large pillowcase but with the added room of side gussets and a drawstring top, this is not a disposable item - it is designed to be an heirloom object for your kids' kids.

The images above show a detail of the 'Vintage Toys' fabric, and generic sac pics show the size of the sac, the  drawstring top and the gusset detail.

Measures 65cm long x 41cm wide and 12cm deep (ie the gusset).