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The StepFood Wives Blog is a bit of fun where we can share our trials and tribulations establishing and running a new business. Guess it will expand into other things as time goes never know, it could become a Julie and Julia sensation (Ha Ha).

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    Stepfood Swan Song

    Victoria Bowring - Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    Well the silly season is upon us…this is not only a time of mania, but an opportunity to reflect and plan for the coming year.

    Since Stepfood Wives inception a few months ago it has become apparent that this little business requires more time commitment than was initially anticipated. The plan was to have a business that could be run simultaneously with Vic managing being a single Mum and Pen running her branding business. Unfortunately the balance has tipped and our other priorities must come first.

    So sadly, Stepfood Wives won’t be continuing in 2011.


    In the interim, Stepfood Wives has a freezer full of goodies that are going out at bargain basement prices, as well as some gorgeous Retro Repros and Kitsch Collectibles in the 50’s Shop – all are 35% off!! These will go fast, so be quick – great last minute gift ideas. All food orders are to be picked up from Mosman.


    A huge thank you to everyone who has supported the Stepfood Wives. We have had great fun with it. We wish you a wonderful family Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

    Cheers Pen (the now totally irrelevant Cupcake Coordinator)

    The Stepfood Wives Team!