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The StepFood Wives Blog is a bit of fun where we can share our trials and tribulations establishing and running a new business. Guess it will expand into other things as time goes never know, it could become a Julie and Julia sensation (Ha Ha).

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    Brave Hearts

    Victoria Bowring - Thursday, August 05, 2010

    Two weeks ago I was at pre-school picking up my eldest daughter. One of the other mothers commented on how nicely dressed I was which led to a conversation about where I had been that day. When I explained that I had been in court finalising my divorce her response was: "I think your very brave to be a single parent, doing it all on your own."

    Just the week before I had been to a preview screening of a short documentary that a good friend of mine, Karen Miles, has made about women who have survived domestic violence. This documentary comes to mind every time I recall the comment from the kindy mum.

    I don't feel brave for choosing to leave my marriage. It was a considered decision that I was free to make. Yes, it has been overwhelmingly difficult at times and still is, but I have friends and family that have been supportive of my decision from the day I made it.

    Brave is defined in Karen's documentary Behind Closed Doors . These women are trapped in violent relationships with little or no family support. They are beaten at will, repeatedly raped and emotionally and psychologically controlled by the person whom they trusted to love them. Their environment is one of fear, isolation and constant danger: not one in which they are free to make decisions and choices for themselves and their children.

    I encourage you to spend the few minutes it takes to view Behind Closed Doors. These three women, and all others like them should feel enormously brave. They are.

    Bye for now