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We have some great memories of our Nan’s home – the smell of baking, her gorgeous canister set, her fabulous vegie garden, and how she could carve a chook and there was always enough for seconds - for everyone!

She was also very self sufficient - she made her own clothes on the Singer sewing machine, and she was always knitting and crocheting.

After her husband was killed in WW2 she raised 3 young daughters on her own.

What a woman.
She’s our inspiration.
Elsie Foley

Our mission

Our mission is to support and empower busy families, working couples and singles by giving them more free time to spend with friends and family and to do what they like doing.

We also want to create a community that connects people who have a common interest in the home and family life, and try to inject some of the core values and sensibilities of the 50’s, when life was simpler, safer, calmer and healthier.

Our values

> Being practical and down to earth

> Attention to detail and a job well done

> Friends, community and the idea of neighbourhoods

> The truth.

We hope you see merit in our mission and values. Please feel free to connect with like-minded people by contributing to our community noticeboard.

Our story

The Stepfood Wives is the collaboration of two sisters, Victoria  and Penelope Bowring.

It began with Victoria helping her pregnant girlfriends by delivering care parcels of home cooked meals. Her friends and their families loved it so much that they suggested she go into business. Having been recently separated, and faced with the prospect of having to juggle career, motherhood and running a household herself, she realised this could be the perfect way to combine work with mothering her two toddlers.

Victoria knew that an invaluable partner would be her sister Penny - a brand strategist with 20 years experience in managing a large design firm. She too had struggled with career, motherhood and running a household.

After brainstorming ideas, preparing a business plan, developing a menu and conducting a formal market research program they discovered the results were overwhelming. People who would never think of eating ‘frozen food’ became instant supporters.

And so The Stepfood Wives was borne.

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Pen and Vic, the Cupcake Coordinator and the Domestic Goddess, sharing a cuppa


 The gorgeous Goddess Dress
Amongst the madness of kids, cooking and sewing, we're also working on getting the Goddess Dress into production.

This is an amazing award winning dress that can be worn dozens of ways, transforming from a red carpet number to a cool, short draped dress that works with boots, flats or heels.

We are currently collaborating with Tessuti on the fabrics and will launch soon. Stay tuned...